Opioid and Work Data Tool

The Opioids and Work Data Tool is an interactive data visualization tool used for exploring data on cases and rates of opioid-related harms occurring among a large group of Ontario workers.

The tool includes three dashboards, each displaying data for a different opioid-related harm identified in emergency department and hospitalization records, including poisonings; mental and behavioural disorders; and adverse reactions.

The tool can also help understand the extent to which such harms are occurring in occupations within the industry or in the region. More information on the tool can be found here.

How can this tool be used?

Individuals and groups within workplaces can use this tool to be more aware of opioid-related harms occurring among workers. It can help them to understand the extent to which such harms are occurring in their industry, in occupations within their industry, or in their region. This information may help workplaces assess the potential for opioid-related harms in their worker population and spark conversations on the significance of these harms and the need for preventive action. It may also help shape decisions to address the potential harms of opioid use in occupational health, safety, and wellness programs. The information may also lead to discussions about work-related reasons for opioid use. If a workplace is concerned that their workers may be at risk, resources are available to help raise awareness and prevent opioid-related harms.

Opioids in Construction

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