Ontario’s New Building Code Released with Revised Structure

Announced on April 10, Ontario has released a new Building Code, which the Province says will reduce regulatory burdens for the construction industry and make it easier to construct housing while still promoting high standards of performance and public health and safety in new and renovated buildings. There are significant changes to its structure, and a transition period is now in effect.

The 2024 Building Code is intended to streamline processes for the building sector and increase harmonization with the National Construction Codes, eliminating more than 1,730 technical variations between the provincial and national requirements.

Timing, Transition, and Training

The 2024 Building Code comes into effect on January 1, 2025, with a three-month transition period until March 31 for applications for which the working drawings were substantially complete before 2025. Simply put, as of April 1, 2025 all permit applications must use the new code.

Information is courtesy of the Ontario Association of Architects

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