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Upcoming Education

CCDC, CCA PART 7 or 8, Avoid Litigation, Leverage Mediation and Arbitration

Monday Apr 12, 2021

From 12:00 PM to 2:30 PM

Cost: $275.00

Deploying Part 8 of any CCDC contract, or any dispute resolution clause in a contract can often be daunting. Questions arise such as, should I hire a lawyer? or, what do I need to get started? How do we agree on a mediator and when? Answering all of these questions early on before a contract is ever executed is often a good way to start. The next issue becomes, what am I giving up? In many ways, that is not the right question to ask. Spend 2.5 hours diving down into part 8 of your CCDC contract or other dispute resolution mechanism you have in contract to learn the facts and face the fear of mediation and arbitration. Learn the right questions to ask, where to find and nominate a mediator, and how the national rules of mediation and conduct of mediators work.

Learn the cost to mediate or arbitrate a matter, versus costs of litigation, it will help you assess your alternatives or clarify advice you give to contracting parties as a contract administrator. Offering insight from a 20-year veteran contract administrator, a lawyer and leading mediator, this course is a must have for all stake holders party to or administering a construction contract.

A summary of lessons learned will be provided for the learner, along with the slide deck.

This course is ideal for architects, engineers, contract administrators, general contractors, subcontractors, and real estate development professionals.

This VIRTUAL CHALK platform course is jointly hosted by Derek Smith, Assoc. ADR Institute of Ontario, with expert guidance from Marcel Mongeon, Mediator, ODACC Construction Adjudicator, and president-elect of the ADR Institute of Ontario (ADRIO).

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