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Cahill Electric Inc.
Address: 120 Lancing Drive, Unit 6, Hamilton, ON, L8W 3A1
Contact: Chris Cahill
Phone: 905-388-0515 Fax: 905-388-0718
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Caird-Hall Construction Inc.
Address: 3099 South Drive, Burlington, ON, L7N 1H5
Contact: Martin Hannan
Phone: 905-634-0903 Fax: 905-632-7529
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Canadian Cutting and Coring (Toronto) Ltd.
Address: 77 Ward Road, Brampton, ON, L6S 6A8
Contact: Jeremy Sleeman
Phone: 905-624-1414 Fax: 905-624-1736
Email:   Website:

Cardi Construction Limited
Address: 600 Nebo Road, R. R. #2, Hannon, ON, L0R 1P0
Contact: Vince Cardinali
Phone: 905-560-3122 Fax: 905-560-5803
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Centura - Hamilton
Address: 140 Nebo Road, Hamilton, ON, L8W 2E4
Contact: Colin Brunton
Phone: 905-383-5100 Fax:
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Century Group Inc.
Address: 895 Meyerside Drive, Mississauga, Ontario, L5T 1R8
Contact: Kirsty Hynds
Phone: 905-564-6565 Fax: 905-564-8988
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Charles Linsey & Associates Limited
Address: 37 Main Street South, PO Box 1479, Waterdown, Ontario, L0R 2H0
Contact: Charles MacPhail
Phone: 905-548-7607 Fax:
Email:   Website:

Ciccarelli Contractors Inc.
Address: 807 Garner Road East, Ancaster, ON, L9G 3K9
Contact: Dwayne Sterling, Sr. Estimator
Phone: 905-648-5178 Fax: 905-648-9677
Email:   Website:

Cion | Coulter Corp.
Address: 22 - 920 Brant Street, Burlington, ON, L7R 4J1
Contact: Marianne Hallas
Phone: 905-632-5206 Fax: 905-632-5207
Email:   Website:

City of Burlington
Address: 426 Brant Street, Burlington, Ontario, L7R 3Z6
Contact: Craig Stevens
Phone: 905-335-7600 Fax:
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City of Hamilton, Facilities Management and Capital Programs Division
Address: Lister Block, 28 James Street North, 5th Floor, Hamilton, ON, L8R 2K1
Contact: Rom D'Angelo, Director, Facilities Management and Capital Programs
Phone: 905-546-2424 x4617 Fax: 905-546-2361
Email:   Website:

City Window & Glass
Address: 208 Queen Street North, Hamilton, ON, L8R 2W3
Contact: Robert Ciancone
Phone: 905-525-7470 x28 Fax: 905-522-8551
Email:   Website:

CJD Renovations Inc.
Address: 659 Hwy 6 N RR2, Hamilton, Ontario, L8N 2Z7
Contact: Chris Dean
Phone: 905-467-8713 Fax:
Email:   Website:

Clairmont Electric Inc.
Address: 1070 Botanical Drive, Burlington, ON, L7T 1V2
Contact: Kelly Clairmont
Phone: 905-296-6012 Fax: 905-296-6015
Email:   Website:

Claybar Contracting Inc.
Address: 424 MacNab Street, Dundas, ON, L9H 2L3
Contact: Lou Cerruti
Phone: 905-627-8000 Fax: 905-628-3648
Email:   Website:

Cochren Foundation & Repair Co.
Address: P.O. Box 65571, Dundas Postal Outlet, Dundas, ON, L9H 6Y6
Contact: John Cochren
Phone: 519-647-0256 Fax: 519-647-0258
Email:   Website:

Coco Paving Inc.
Address: 669 Nebo Road, R. R. #2, Hannon, ON, L0R 1P0
Contact: Peter Wildeboer
Phone: 905-679-1524 x6013 Fax: 905-679-1052
Email:   Website:

COMU Networks Incorporated
Address: 75 Lancing Drive Units B and C, Hamilton, Ontario, L8W 2Z9
Contact: Mike O'Neal
Phone: 905-667-4629 Fax:
Email:   Website:

ConstructConnect Canada, Inc.
Address: 3760 14th Avenue, 6th Floor, Markham, ON, L3R 3T7
Contact: Margaret Edwards
Phone: 905-752-5540, 800-387-0213 Fax: 905-752-5431
Email:   Website:

Cooper Construction Limited
Address: 2201 Bristol Circle, Suite 600, Oakville, ON, L6H 0J8
Contact: Stephen Marks
Phone: 905-829-0444 Fax: 905-829-0080
Email:   Website:

Cooper Equipment Rentals
Address: 6335 Edwards Blvd., Mississauga, ON, L8E 0B1
Contact: Shayne Jennings
Phone: 289-247-2770 Fax:
Email:   Website:

Corbett Contracting
Address: 184 Inman Road, RR#6, Dunnville, ON, N1A 2W5
Contact: Jamie Corbett
Phone: 905-979-5890 Fax: 289-369-0376
Email:   Website:

Core Tec. Contracting
Address: 2204 Greenfield Rd., Ayr, ON, N0B 1E0
Contact: Eddy Beland
Phone: 519-632-5059 Fax: 519-632-8770
Email:   Website:

Coreslab Structures (ONT) Inc.
Address: 205 Coreslab Drive, Dundas, ON, L9H 0B3
Contact: Anthony E. Franciosa
Phone: 905-689-3993 Fax: 905-689-0708
Email:   Website:

Cotton Inc.
Address: 2125 Fruitbelt Parkway, Niagara Falls, ON, L2E 6S4
Contact: Tyler Green
Phone: 905-262-2000 Fax: 905-262-1766
Email:   Website:

Cowan Insurance Group
Address: 105 Main Street East, Suite 605, Hamilton, ON, L8N 1G6
Contact: Virginia Swartz-Moncrieffe
Phone: 905-528-0193 Fax: 905-546-5039
Email:   Website:

Cowan Insurance Group, your Financial & Risk Management Specialists and HHCA group benefits partners, provide outstanding value to businesses and employees. We offer several coverage options to suit the needs of both employer and employee.

Cynthia Zahoruk Architect Inc.
Address: 3077 New Street, Burlington, ON, L7N 1M6
Contact: Cynthia Zahoruk
Phone: 905-331-4480 Fax: 905-331-4662
Email:   Website: