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A. McLeod General Contracting
Address: 2192 Prospect Street, Burlington, ON, L7R 1Z7
Contact: Nadine McLeod
Phone: 905-802-7900 Fax:
Email: nmcleod@amgc.ca   Website: www.amgc.ca

Alberici Constructors, Ltd.
Address: 1005 Skyview Drive, Suite 300, Burlington, ON, L7P 5B1
Contact: Robert Love
Phone: 905-315-3000 Fax: 905-315-3001
Email: rlove@alberici.com   Website: www.alberici.com

Barclay Construction Group Inc.
Address: 55 Morley Street, Hamilton, ON, L8H 3R8
Contact: Jim Barclay
Phone: 905-547-5200 Fax: 905-547-5211
Email: info@barclayconstruction.com   Website: www.barclayconstruction.com

Coco Paving Inc.
Address: 669 Nebo Road, R. R. #2, Hannon, ON, L0R 1P0
Contact: Peter Wildeboer
Phone: 905-679-1524 x6013 Fax: 905-679-1052
Email: pwildeboer@cocogroup.com   Website: www.cocopaving.com

Cooper Construction Limited
Address: 2201 Bristol Circle, Suite 600, Oakville, ON, L6H 0J8
Contact: Stephen Marks
Phone: 905-829-0444 Fax: 905-829-0080
Email: smarks@coopercon.com   Website: www.coopercon.com

Dufferin Construction Company, A division of CRH Canada Group Inc.
Address: 585 Michigan Drive, Unit 1, Oakville, ON, L6L 0G1
Contact: Ryan Farrish
Phone: 905-842-2741 Fax: 905-842-9278
Email: ryan.farrish@ca.crh.com; bryan.wilson@ca.crh.com; tom.devcic@ca.crh.com; maria.duszczenko@ca.crh.com; helen.gregor@ca.crh.com; mohamad.abujarad@ca.crh.com; brandon.dodds@ca.crh.com; g.jackson@ca.crh.com;   Website: www.dufferinconstruction.com

Address: 2211 Plains Road East, Bldg A, Burlington, Ontario, L7R 3R3
Contact: John Dawson
Phone: 905-333-5217 Fax: 905-333-5746
Email: john.dawson@genpro.ca   Website: www.genpro.ca

Hall Construction Inc.
Address: 369 Dewitt Road, Stoney Creek, ON, L8E 2T1
Contact: Brad Hall
Phone: 905-662-9200 Fax: 905-662-9203
Email: info@hallconstruction.ca   Website: www.hallconstruction.ca

Ira McDonald Construction Limited
Address: 67 Frid Street, Unit #16, Hamilton, ON, L8P 4M3
Contact: Wynn McDonald
Phone: 905-297-4653 Fax: 905-667-0302
Email: info@iramcdonald.com   Website: www.iramcdonald.com

Reimar Forming & Construction
Address: 328 Trinity Church Road, Hamilton, ON, L0R 1P0
Contact: Mike Martins
Phone: 905-692-9900 Fax: 905-692-0900
Email: info@reimar.ca   Website: www.reimar.ca

Schilthuis Group of Companies
Address: 23 Industrial Drive, Caledonia, ON, N3W 1H8
Contact: Henry Schilthuis
Phone: 905-648-2311 Fax: 905-648-8455
Email: lisa.alton@schilthuis.com   Website: www.schilthuis.com

Spallacci Group Limited
Address: 1 James Street South, 8th Floor, Hamilton, ON, L8P 4R5
Contact: Rudi Spallacci
Phone: 905-389-6421 Fax: 905-389-0820
Email: info@spallaccigroup.com   Website: www.spallaccigroup.com

Wm. Groves Limited
Address: 800 Rennie Street, P.O. Box 47589, RPO Centre Mall, Hamilton, ON, L8H 7S7
Contact: Jenn Groves
Phone: 905-545-1117 Fax: 905-545-5318
Email: owners@wmgroves.com   Website: www.wmgroves.com