HHCA's Young Leaders Group

The goal of the HHCA Young Leaders Group is to provide a forum where the emerging generation of business leaders in the construction industry can get together and foster connections for the future. Through a variety of social and educational functions, young leaders in the industry can develop their professional skills as well as business relationships with their peers.

The planned itinerary of functions held throughout the year is member driven. Should you have any suggestions for future events, please share your ideas with any committee member. Of course, feedback on past events is welcome and valued as well.

If you would like to be more directly involved in planning and organizing the activities hosted by the Young Leaders Group, consider joining the committee yourself. The Young Leaders committee is for those 40 and under. The YLG committee meets regularly throughout the year.

Interested in joining the YLG committee or being included on thier mailing list? Please email Alana.

YLG Executive 

Co Chair         Neil Isenegger, Menard Canada

Co Chair         Gavin Oakes, MTE Consultants  

Secretary        Christina Sorba, Ira McDonald Construction Limited


HIVE                Aaron Gorka, Airon Group of Companies 

YLG Talks      


Upcoming YLG Events & Education

YLG Events are currently on hold due to COVID 19